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Ladies of the Fright

Apr 16, 2019

Ladies of the Fright podcast has been nominated for Best Horror Nonfiction Podcast for the This Is Horror 2018 awards! What an unbelievable honor. Enjoy this short minisode from us to you, loyal listeners and new guests alike. We are so happy to be doing this thing that we love, and even happier to know that it's bringing joy to others as well.

If you enjoy what we are doing, we would love it if you'd vote for us! Email with the subject line ‘Awards 2018’. To cast a vote simply write the category and your vote for each award. You have until Monday, 4/29 to get your votes in! While you're there, check out the incredible nominations in the other categories. 2018 was an astonishingly good year for horror and we are so thrilled to have contributed to one tiny sliver of it. 

We'll be back with our regularly scheduled programming 4/24 with our second installment of the Summer Scares miniseries.