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Ladies of the Fright

Jun 28, 2019

It's difficult to put into words what a rewarding experience it was to host the panel "Why Does Horror Matter? An Exploration of the Relevance and—Dare We Say—Necessity of Horror in a Tumultuous World" featuring panelists Stephen Graham Jones, Kathryn E. McGee, Becky Spratford, and Gabino Iglesias this past May at...

Jun 24, 2019

In this special BONUS episode, Lisa & Mackenzie sat down with Kathryn E. McGee in their hotel room on the last morning of Stoker Con 2019 in Grand Rapids, MI. They were surrounded by empty wine glasses, bottles, coffee cups, and water bottles—a sure sign of a great weekend.

Show Notes:

More Kathryn on the LOTF...

Jun 13, 2019


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In episode 37, we chat with author Ray Cluley. The...